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Sharing Indigenous Knowledge – Mother Earth & Father Sky

Dec 6 2012

Ningwakwe Learning Press acknowledges and respects the various teachings from the unique First Nation groups found all across Canada. The stories and teachings expressed in each of our books are one author’s viewpoint. We encourage you to explore the individual cultures of your own geographical area as you share in these traditional teachings.


This book, Listening to Mother Earth and Father Sky, 2012 by Michele Graveline, may be useful in your journey toward understanding your relationship with the Natural World – even if you live in an urban setting. This increased awareness and appreciation of our environment may lead you to make changes.
All of Earth’s creatures share the same Mother and Father. Mother Earth and Father Sky are part of who we are. They help shape us, feed into our values, give us identity and provide for us. So, when we are re-evaluating our relationship with the Natural World, we often turn to Earth and Sky for help. Mother Earth and Father Sky are always available to remind us about our relationship.

 “The Medicine Wheel is the circle of life, sometimes referred to as the ‘sacred hoop’. It starts with birth, continues throughout our lives until death, when we have gone full circle. The Medicine Wheel has four directions. Each direction offers its own lessons, colour and animal guide. There are two intersecting paths shown which meet in the centre, at which point — for me — is the heart (for when you work from your heart, you can reach all directions).” ~ Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

The Ancestors tell us that there are specific aspects for each stage of our lives, starting in the East when we are born. As children, we go through many changes, especially physically. As we reach the teen stage, we continue to change physically and mentally, but we also begin to understand our place in our community. As adults, we take more responsibility for that place, and changes slow down. Once we reach the Elder stage, we slow down more and begin. This allows us to share what we have learned over the other stages of our lives. When we die, our being is returned to the Natural World. This Cycle of Life also occurs in the Natural World. The seasons, the waxing and waning of Grandmother Moon and the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly are all examples of this Cycle of Life.

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