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Peek Inside: The Story of Little Bones

Jun 19 2013

Cultures around the world have legends and tales about little people. The many nations of Turtle Island (North America) all have stories to tell of these magical creatures that have a reputation for being mischievous tricksters.

Excerpt from Ningwakwe Learning Press’ new release, The Story of Little Bones: Legends of Princess Curious, a youthful tale based on First Nation legends of Little People:

This is the very first time that our village of Little People — the Ge-Lu tribe — has encountered one of these gigantic boats belonging to the foreign, pale-skinned Two-Leggeds who we call the Moniyaws Two-Leggeds. I’ve also overheard hushed conversations about amazing animals that the Moniyaws Two-Leggeds bring with them on these boats. Rumours and myths, I had thought, but, as I stare up at the boat, I am afraid. I have also heard horror stories about the Moniyaws Two-Leggeds themselves. Giants who step on Little People. Giants who aren’t careful about where or how they walk. Giants who wear funny-looking shoes.

My Kokum says the eagle told her that every nation and every village of the Big People on Turtle Island has an ancient legend — a prophecy — which tells of the coming of white people from across the Great Water.

The Little People share these teachings. Some of these stories describe the newcomers as friends, some say they come as enemies. Curiosity pulls me out of my momentary fear and I jump into the nearest empty leaf boat. I push off and paddle a bit recklessly. I’m so excited that I can’t steer straight, and I almost tip. Curiosity, like the irresistible urge of a score, spurs me on. I paddle faster. Are they friendly? Do they really have white skin? Will they step on us? What kind of strange creatures have they brought? What treasures do they have? And might Little People be stowed away on board? I’m so curious. I just have to know.

First time author, Charm Logan is a Cree/Métis established artist and from Alberta. She has been working with youth for over fifteen years and shares a strong bond with her community and family. Largely influenced by her Native heritage and metropolitan lifestyle, she uses her unique perspectives to create captivating concepts and trendsetting projects.