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Sharing Indigenous Knowledge – Ten Legends Workbook

Nov 14 2012

Our books all incorporate a First Nation cultural theme mainly for use in a literacy and education setting. Many of our books speak to the contemporary realities that exist within First Nation and Métis communities, as well as the cross-cultural implications for urban Aboriginals.

Over the next few posts, I’d like to highlight some of Ningwakwe Learning Press’ books that contain a lot of, what you might call, traditional knowledge – legends, stories of our ancestors and teachings from long ago. Indigenous knowledge that is passed on through generations remains relevant to us today. Just like our collective and continued interest in the ancient Mayans’ predictions, these stories never grow old. For instance, each time the tales of Nanaboozho are retold, a new level can be reached in the understanding of our world around us.

One of our older materials that still remains quite popular is Ten Legends Workbook: Ojibwa and Iroquois Legends by Jim Tole and the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre, way back in 1998. However, the timelessness of the stories and teachings remain inspiring today.

Ten Legends Ojibway Iroquois Ningwakwe

Each of these ten teachings included in the book are followed by activities and an answer key at the end.

  1. The Iroquois Creation Story
  2. The Ojibwa Creation Story
  3. The Coming of Nanabozho
  4. The Creator and Hadoui
  5. How the Snowshoe Rabbit Got Its White Coat
  6. How the Bear Lost His Tail
  7. The Great White Serpent
  8. How the Bees Got Their Stingers
  9. How Nanabush Brought Fire to His People
  10. The Dancing Stars