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Traditional Knowledge – Empowering the Spirit

Nov 30 2012

Ningwakwe Learning Press takes pride in sharing Canadian Aboriginal and First Nation cultural content in all of our books for use by literacy programs and schools. You can find indigenous or traditional knowledge in these reading resources and I’d like to share another of our materials that contains a lot of these teachings.

The Empowering the Spirit II resource has been one of our most popular teaching tools for over a dozen years. It has been through numerous revisions over the years to bring the literacy levels up to current changes and standards but the content of the stories and teachings hasn’t changed.

The intergenerational stories never grow old and there’s something to be learned from these each time they are read. There are thirty separate lessons as well as a workbook, Empowering the Learner 2, that accompanies the cultural curriculum.

Here is an excerpt from Lesson 2 – The Teachings of Our Elders –

Our people have always listened and learned from our Elders. It has always been Elders, Grandmothers and Grandfathers who have taught the next generation how to live. They teach in many ways. Elders tell us stories, parable and fables. They also use songs, chants, dances and ceremonies. They are the ones who have gained the wisdom. They have followed the Red Road in this good life and learned the qualities needed for teaching. They are patient, generous, kind and wise. The Elders share their stories with us. We have only to listen in order to learn.

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Empowering the Spirit first nation curriculum

Empowering the Spirit book cover